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ETF / What ETFs - Mar 2018

ETF Selection Mar 2018

The ETF selection below is based on the historical data, in 3 month period (01. Dec 2017 - 28. Feb 2018).

Best performers: positive yield

Non-Leveraged ETF, positive yield
Leveraged ETF, positive yield
Custom selection: positive, non-leveraged, least correlated

Worst performers: negative yield

Non-Leveraged ETF, negative yield
Leveraged ETF, negative yield

How this stuff works >>

Investing in ETF has just got so much simpler. No need to browse thru all of them when it can be automated. Using of proprietary filtering, benchmarking and ranking algorithm for the past few months, Yield or Risk does monthly analysis/snapshots of major ETF sector data. More

Correlation tables (.XLSX)


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