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ETF / What ETFs - April 2017

ETF Selection April 2017

The ETF selection below is based on the historical data, in 3 month period (01. Jan 2017 - 30. Mar 2017).

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Best performers: positive yield

Selection criterias:

  1. ETF have existed at least two years, and has minimum 50M in AUM
  2. Non-leveraged, maximum yield (specific threshold/range), minimal volatility
  3. Most, or least aligned to one of the pre-defined indexes, using correlation table(s)


APAC ETF April - 2017

EPPiShares MSCI Pacific ex Japan11.10%
EWTiShares MSCI Taiwan11.48%
EWYiShares MSCI South Korea Capped8.83%
FNIFirst Trust ISE Chindia ETF11.41%
FXIiShares China Large-Cap8.80%
GMFSPDR S&P; Emerging Asia Pacific ETF10.44%
GXCSPDR S&P; China ETF12.63%
MCHIiShares MSCI China9.86%
PGJPowerShares Golden Dragon China ETF11.37%
VPLVanguard FTSE Pacific ETF6.22%

Consumer Discretionaries

Consumer Discretionaries ETF - April 2017

INCOEGShares India Consumer ETF8.15%
IYCiShares US Consumer Services5.46%
RCDGuggenheim S&P; 500 Eq Wt Cons Discr ETF3.66%
RTHMarket Vectors Retail ETF4.06%
RXIiShares Globl Consumer Discretionary4.05%
VCRVanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF5.74%
XLYConsumer Discret Sel Sect SPDR ETF5.97%

Consumer Staples

Consumer Staples ETF - April 2017

IYKiShares US Consumer Goods5.26%
KXIiShares Global Consumer Staples4.25%
PSLPowerShares DWA Consumer Staples Mom ETF4.64%
RHSGuggenheim S&P; 500 Eq Wt Cons Stapl ETF4.18%
VDCVanguard Consumer Staples ETF3.84%
XLPConsumer Staples Select Sector SPDR ETF4.28%


GEXMarket Vectors Global Alt Energy ETF7.01%


EU ETF - April 2017

DFEWisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend ETF2.17%
EWPiShares MSCI Spain Capped6.55%
FEEUBarclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 505.78%
FIEUCredit Suisse FI Enhanced Europe50 ETN5.85%
HEDJWisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity ETF2.50%


Financials ETF - April 2017

IAIiShares US Broker-Dealers & Secs Exchs7.68%
IAKiShares US Insurance2.78%
IATiShares US Regional Banks5.28%
IXGiShares Global Financials4.94%
IYFiShares US Financials3.99%
IYGiShares US Financial Services5.39%
KBESPDR S&P; Bank ETF4.47%
KCESPDR S&P; Capital Markets ETF6.21%
KIESPDR S&P; Insurance ETF4.46%
KRESPDR S&P; Regional Banking ETF4.28%
VFHVanguard Financials ETF4.35%


Healthcare ETF - April 2017

IXJiShares Global Healthcare15.98%
IHIiShares US Medical Devices11.92%
SBIOALPS Medical Breakthroughs ETF10.91%
BBHMarket Vectors Biotech ETF10.66%
IYHiShares US Healthcare10.11%
XBISPDR S&P; Biotech ETF9.95%
XPHSPDR S&P; Pharmaceuticals ETF9.10%
IRYSPDR S&P; International HealthC Sect ETF8.44%
IHEiShares US Pharmaceuticals7.21%
RYHGuggenheim S&P; 500 Eq Weight HC ETF6.85%
FXHFirst Trust Health Care AlphaDEX ETF6.76%
PJPPowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals ETF6.55%
PTHPowerShares DWA Healthcare Momentum ETF6.41%
PPHMarket Vectors Pharmaceutical ETF6.25%
XHSSPDR S&P; Health Care Services ETF6.20%
IHFiShares US Healthcare Providers6.03%
VHTVanguard Health Care ETF5.93%
XLVHealth Care Select Sector SPDR ETF5.47%
FBTFirst Trust NYSE Arca Biotech ETF5.00%
FHLCFidelity MSCI Health Care ETF4.25%
PBEPowerShares Dynamic Biotech & Genome ETF3.24%

Real Estate

IYRiShares US Real Estate1.33%


Technology ETF - April 2017

IGViShares North American Tech-Software11.47%
MTKSPDR Morgan Stanley Technology ETF9.66%
IYWiShares US Technology8.52%
PTFPowerShares DWA Technology Momentum ETF8.34%
SKYYFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing ETF8.28%
IGMiShares North American Tech8.08%
VGTVanguard Information Technology ETF8.04%
FTECFidelity MSCI Information Tech ETF7.99%
IXNiShares Global Tech7.96%
FDNFirst Trust Dow Jones Internet ETF7.76%
FXLFirst Trust Technology AlphaDEX ETF7.27%
RYTGuggenheim S&P; 500 Eq Wt Technology ETF7.21%
PSJPowerShares Dynamic Software ETF7.16%
XSDSPDR S&P; Semiconductor ETF6.75%
IGNiShares North American Tech-Multimd Ntwk6.72%
SMHMarket Vectors Semiconductor ETF6.63%
XLKTechnology Select Sector SPDR ETF6.35%


Utilities ETF - April 2017

JXIiShares Global Utilities1.91%
IDUiShares US Utilities1.28%
VPUVanguard Utilities ETF1.25%
XLUUtilities Select Sector SPDR ETF1.24%
RYUGuggenheim S&P; 500 Eq Wt Utilities ETF1.16%

Raw data - Best performers: positive yield

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