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There has been a lot of effort in reducing CO2 footprint in Denmark. One of the most visible ways to achieve that is the abundance of windmills throughout the country. But how much electricity comes from the wind energy and what the trend is?

Distribution of energy sources in 2014

The latest official data is available for 2014.

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According to the chart above 47% of energy comes from renewables (wind, water, solar). Coal and natural gas still makes up 37%. 3% of nuclear energy seems little, but Denmark has zero nuclear power plants, so nuclear energy is imported and might be totally replaced by renewables in the future.

Sources Electricity source (in Dansih)

The Danish Energy Agency's interactive maps

Wind energy in Denmark

The following chart shows how much wind energy contributes to the energy sources in Denmark.

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Production of wind energy expanded from 19% in 2009 up to 42% in 2015. If the trend continues, Denmark might reach its goal of 50% electricity supply coming from renewable energy by 2020 and aiming towards 100% by 2050.

Some of the biggest wind turbine manufacturers are Vestas [CPH:VWS] and Siemens Wind Power [FRA:SIE].

Sources Danish wind power strikes back record - 42 percent (in Dansih)

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