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Waste management companies

Waste management is the “generation, prevention, characterization, monitoring, treatment, handling, reuse and residual disposition of solid wastes”. (wiki)
The amount of waste grows globally with the population.

Country Company Ticker
CA Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd. BIN
CN China Industrial Waste Management Inc. CIWT
CN ZhongDe Waste Technology AG ZEF
UK Waste Recycling Group Limited Private
HKG Integrated Waste Solutions Gp Hldngs Ltd HKG:0923
SE Polyplank POLY:STO
USA Casella Waste Systems Inc. CWST
USA Waste Connections Inc. WCN
USA Waste Management Inc. WM
USA WCA Waste Corporation WCAA
USA Stericycle Inc SRCL

Waste management indexes

Country Company Ticker
UK FTSE Environmental Opportunities Waste and Pollution Control Index EOWP
US Dow Jones U.S. Waste & Disposal Services Index DJUSPC


Nature Journal: Waste production must peak this century. When Will We Hit Peak Garbage?

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