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In 2013, the big story was batteries capable of providing green electricity storage for the grid and this technology could be an even bigger story in 2014. Although battery technology is not a new concept, a number of companies have been trying for many years to create new technology generation than can store enough energy for powering businesses and homes. Now, following many years of research, those technologies can finally achieve the performance levels and pricing targets that are necessary for making them competitive.

Grid energy storage allows energy producers to use the electricity transmission grid for sending excess electricity to storage sites. When the demand for electricity increases, those sites kick in as energy suppliers. Green energy storage is quite important in matching supply and demand during any 24-hour period. The number of worldwide energy storage technologies now in use totals 29, from lithium-ion battery bundles that are the size of a household refrigerator to lithium-titanate, solar thermal, nickel-iron, and oxide capacitor batteries. In addition, there are 633 green electricity storage projects worldwide that are either under development or under currently operating.

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