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What is LNG

Liquefied natural gas or LNG is natural gas converted to a liquid form for storage or transport purposes. It is usually transported by ship and stored in large storage terminals. LNG is returned to a gas in a regasification facility.


Due to its reasonably low price and abundant supply, LNG (liquefied natural gas) is a good option for reducing petroleum usage. LNG (liquefied natural gas) is also colourless and odourless and the emissions that it creates are considerably lower than petroleum when it is burned.


As LNG is a fuel, its efficiency depends on the efficiency of the technology that converts the fuel into end-uses such as heating or power.

The source

The majority of the supply worldwide originates from countries that possess massive reserves of natural gas and include Australia, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Qatar, Oman, and Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, 91 LNG (liquefied natural gas) receiving terminals are in operation worldwide and they include South Korea, Japan and numerous countries in Europe.

Although the U.S. does import it in small amounts, the recent trend toward domestic shale gas production increases have greatly decreased the need for imported LNG (liquefied natural gas).Some states, like California, are considering exporting the gas to some non-Free Trade Agreement countries. The necessary paperwork for export licenses has already been filed with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) by the state of California. Approvals are slow because the DOE has concerns about possible U.S. energy shortages in the future. Four export terminals in other states have been approved, but only one has started construction, which could take up to four years. It is the Sabine Pass LNG terminal in Louisiana.

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