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Railway transport is the most popular mass-transit solution in China.

High oil prices, as well as increased competition from low-cost carriers affects the relation between airlines and China’s massive and growing high-speed rail system.

China’s high-speed railway now exceeds 10,000 kilometers and is expected to hit 18,000 km by 2020.
The long term plan to expand the network to 272,000 km by 2050.
It is already transporting around 2 million passengers a day on trains that are rarely delayed, and which go nearly 350 km/h, twice as many passengers as domestic airlines.

China railway companies list

China Railway Corporation
Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corporation Limited
Chinese Eastern Railway
Daqin Railway Company Limited
Guangshen Railway Company
Yuxinou Railway

China airline companies list

Air China
Chang’an Airlines
China Eastern Airlines
China Flying Dragon Aviation
China Southern Airlines
China United Airlines
China Xinhua Airlines
Chongqing Airlines
Deer Air
Guizhou Airlines
Hainan Airlines
Huaxia Airlines
Juneyao Airlines
Kunming Airlines
Henan Airlines
Lucky Air
Okay Airways
Shandong Airlines
Shanghai Airlines
Shanxi Airlines
Shenzhen Airlines
Sichuan Airlines
Spring Airlines
Tianjin Airlines
Chengdu Airlines
Xiamen Airlines


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